French River Trading Post

Kid's Corner

French River Trading Post Hi kids! The Blueberry Hound and I just woke up from a long winter’s sleep. We always wake up on the long weekend in May. When we wake up we are very hungry and like to eat all our favourite things, and so happy to see all our friends. We work hard every day to see and play with all the children. We come out to visit you every hour on the hour every Saturday and Sunday until July, then we come out every day. We like to sleep in, so we wake up at 11:00am and go to sleep at 4:00pm every day all Summer until September when we go back to sleep. I am turning 35 this Summer and the Blueberry Hound is having his 26th birthday. We hope that everyone has a great Summer and if you’re passing by the Trading Post, come and play with us!

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